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Join us for Quicksilver’s debut in Amherst

Saturday, April 1, 2017 • 7pm
The Big Wig: Sophisticated and Unexpected Music from the Courts of France and England
Music at Amherst Series
Buckley Recital Hall
Amherst College
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“enlightening…the audience was on its feet cheering and hooting as if it were at a rock show” – New York Times

“These 12 works, effectively a series of miniature, instrumental operas—complete with theatrical combinations of arias, ostinatos, fireworks, dramatic recitatives, and popular-inspired dances—are given performances that are at once both theatrically vivid and stylistically informed. Tonal variety, flexible phrasing, and thoughtful ornamentation are evident throughout…In performances like these, it’s irresistable” – Fanfare Magazine


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